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Episode 38 - Krystle Wright

April 7th, 2020

Episode 38 - Krystle Wright

Krystle is one of Australia's most well known Adventure and Extreme Sports photographers and was one of the main inspirations for me to start this podcast. So I was super excited to sit down to chat with Krystle about her career! 

Krystle has worked with National Geograpghic, Canon, Outside Magazine, GQ, The Huffington Post and the list goes on. She's shot just about any adventure/extreme sport you can think of and she's chased storms through the American Mid West! Needless to say she has done some amazing things!

You can find Krystle on instagram @krystlejwright or on facebook by searching Krystle Wright Photographer. 

There will also be a new website being launched soon so make sure you check that out too!

Episode 37 - Steve Scalone

March 29th, 2020

Steve Scalone is a Melbourne based photographer who was done it all. Steve has worked in the print labs, run a hugely successful wedding photography business, he now runs a commercial business, he's been an Adobe Certified Expert, he's an ILFORD Master, he's part of the AIPP, he's won travel photographer of the year twice, printed books and won photo book of they year as well!

I had a great time talking with Steve, he is an amazing person, make sure you check out his work at;

@scalone_photo on instagram or search Steve Scalone Photography on Facebook. 

Episode 36 - Cam Blake

February 6th, 2020

Cam Blake is a Wilderness photographer from Tasmania!

Check out his work at - @camblakephotography on Instagram and Cam Blake Photography on Facebook. 

I hjaad a great talk with Cam about why he moved his family to Tasmania, whats the difference between Landscape and Wilderness photography is and how to prepare for it. 

If you love photography, landscapes and wilderness, you need to spend some time in Tasmania because that place sounds amazing!


Episode 35 - Dan Wilson

January 30th, 2020

We are back for 2020! 

Episode 35 is here with Dan Wilson. Dans Instagram is @s_h_u_t_t_e_r_t_u_r_e (but you dont have to type the underscores to find him!)

Dan is a Melbourne based portrait and art nude photographer and all round good dude! We have a laid back and fun chat about how he got into shooting his style, Dan offers some great advice to aspiring photographers and models alike about how to go about shooting an art nude style. 

Dan also talks about his friendship with episode 10 guest Chris Smith and how that has grown into running workshops together and starting an online magazing. So dont forget to check out Dans instagram for details of any workshops that are coming up and to see the beautiful work he creates!

Also episode 1 of Bare Mag just went live and is now available on and @bare.mag_ on Instagram so give it some love!

Hope you all enjoy the chat with Dan!

Episode 34 - Mark Watson

December 5th, 2019

Mark Watson is an Expedition/Adventure and sports photographer and all round ripping bloke who I have been trying to get on the show for a long time! Mark has worked with brands like Red Bull, The North Face and Nitro Circus, so needless to say he is an amazing photographer and has done some crazy stuff in his time! His brand is Incite Images so check him out;

@inciteimages on instagram

or his website

I hope you love thjis podcast as much as I did.

Episode 33 - Brett Ferguson

November 28th, 2019

Brett Ferguson is an internationally awarded portrait photographer who was Australian Photograpy Magazines Portrait Photographer of the year in 2018.

You can find his work on Instagram @brettfergusonphotography or on how website

Brett is a super nice human who I had a great time talking about how his passion for photography began back as a kid, how he has developed and hones his skill and personal style and how important persaonal projects are as an artist! 

Brett has been running workshops as well so keep an eye on his instagram and website for details of up coming workshops!

Episode 32 - Amelia - Howler Photographic

November 22nd, 2019

My guest on this episode is a specialist mountain bike photographer! Amelia mountain bikes herself and talks about how her passion for photography and mountain biking came out as well as how she has developed her own style over the years. 

Her work looks amazing so make sure you check out her Instagram @ameliahowler and her website because it sounds like she has some pretty cool and awesome projects and adventures coming up!

If you are into sports photography and mountain bikes go check her out!

Episode 31 - Keren Dobia

November 1st, 2019

We're back after a few weeks off and my guest on Episode 31 is Keren Dobia. 

Keren is a Melbourne based portrait photographer with a very unique style! Keren is a part of the AIPP and also teches photography at tafe. With a back ground in visual arts and fashion design Keren was always going to end up doing something creative and when you check out her work you'll see that she has found what she was meant to do!

Check out her Instagram @kerendobiaphotography and follow along as we talk about a few of her shots so it will be cool to be looking at them as we talk about them. Don't worry, as you scroll through you'll know exactly which ones we are talking about!

Keren also offers workshops so don't be afraid to follow her and shoot her a message on instagram!

Hope you all enjoy episode 31!

BFOP - Mark Watson & Charlie Brown

September 23rd, 2019

Our 2 extreme sports extraordinaires sat down for a chat and despite some "technical difficulties" and a back ground heckler, we got through it with some semi quality content. 

If you were lucky enough to get on a workshop with Mark and Charlie you'll know they have an interesting working relationship, but this is for sure, they both create insanely good action sports work and have done some super crazy stuff in their lives!

You can find Mark Watson by searching @InciteImages and Charlie can be tracked down on instagram as @mountainside_cb

BFOP - Cam Blake

September 22nd, 2019

Cam has flown in from Tassie for his first BFOP experience and he has been a busy man, running sunrise, landscape and astro workshops Cam has definitely missed out on some sleep. But he has had a ball and we had a quick chat about how he has found the festival, giving people a different perspective shooting landscapes in black and white and that he is keen to come back next year! 

Check out his crazy good work by searching Cam Blake Photography and


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